We are delighted to announce that two new faculty Asst. Prof. Betul Uralcan and Asst. Prof. Erdal Aydin has joined our department recently.

Betul Uralcan, one of the researchers who recently returned to Turkey with the TUBITAK 2232 International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers Program, is embarking on her research at Bogazici University.

She obtained her B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Bogazici University in 2013, and M.A. (2015) and Ph.D. (2018) degrees, in Chemical and Biological Engineering, from Princeton University. She worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the same university prior to joining Bogazici University in November 2019 as an assistant professor.

Her research interests include investigating and designing systems relevant to energy storage applications using computational methods derived from the pinciples of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics combined with fundamental experiments. She is also interested in protein simulations and phase behavior of liquids under environmental perturbations.

Her Soft Matter Group at Boğaziçi University is currently accepting applications from graduate students and researchers with all levels of experience, who will be funded by the TUBITAK 2232 project.

For detailed information, visit http://softmatter.che.boun.edu.tr/ and contact betul.uralcan@boun.edu.tr.


After finishing undergraduate education at METU, Erdal Aydın joined Koç University Chemical and Biological Engineering department for his master studies with full scholarship. His master thesis was on modeling, optimization and control for refinery processes. He then joined Max Planck Institute in Germany as a doctoral scientist.

He finished his doctoral work on tailored indirect algorithms for efficient real-time optimization of semi-batch systems in 2018. Upon graduation, he joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a post-doctoral researcher and worked on optimal design and operation of energy management systems under uncertainty.

His general research agenda also includes mathematical modeling, decision making under uncertainty and complexity reduction.