PhD Curriculum

ChE 637  Advanced Mass Transfer  ChE 672 

Advanced Process Control ** 

  Elective from Group A   Elective from Group B (minor)
  Elective from Group B (minor)  ChE XXX Elective from Group C
ChE XXX Elective from Group C       

**Or equivalent offered by engineering programs         


The objective of the Ph.D. program is to prepare the students for teaching and research careers through

  • advanced and specialized course work for a broader and deeper knowledge of chemical engineering, and
  • dissertation work involving independent and original research on frontline topics.

The Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering consists of a minimum of 21 credits of course work for M.Sc. degree holders and a dissertation carried out according to the regulations of the Institute of Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering (Institute). Students are also expected to complete Ph.D. Thesis work of 30 ECTS credits.
The required courses for the Ph.D. program are

  • ChE 637 Advanced Mass Transfer
  • ChE 672 Advanced Process Control or another 500-600 level advanced control course offered by engineering programs in Bogazici University.

If the student has already taken one or both of these courses as a part of his/her M.Sc. program, he/she must instead select a course or both courses from Group C.

  • Group A (Math): At least one course from the following list:
    • 500-600 level courses from the Mathematics Department
    • ChE 556 Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Engineers II
    • CE 503 Mathematical Methods in Engineering
    • EE 572 Mathematical Methods for Signal Processing
    • ME 501, 502 Advanced Engineering Mathematics I, II
    • ME 632 Approximate Solution Techniques
    • PHYS 521, 522 Mathematical Methods of Physics I, II
  • Group B (Minor): At least two 500-600 level structured courses from one of the graduate programs offered by the Institute except Chemical Engineering. These courses must be coherent in a specific area of the same program.

Group B courses can also be selected from Group A; however, the same course cannot be counted towards satisfying the requirements of more than one Group.

  • Group C: the remaining course work is completed through 500-600 level ChE prefixed courses.

Ph.D. students who hold M.Sc. degrees but have not taken four required courses (12 credits) of the M.Sc. program or their equivalents are expected to complete these courses in their Ph.D. study. Two of those courses (6 credits) are counted as elective courses of the Ph.D. program (Group C) and the other two have to be taken as additional courses. The remaining 15 credits must be completed with the Ph.D. course requirements described above.

Students without an M.Sc. degree should complete 42 credits of course work. These students are expected to take all courses of the M.Sc. program (24 credits) and the remaining 18 credits should be completed with the Ph.D. course requirements described above.