Specialization Options

Option-1: Biomolecular Engineering

BIO 351Microbiology
ChE 411Protein Interactions: From Molecules to Networks
ChE 412Structure, Fucntion and Simulation of Biopolymers
ChE 421Genetic Engineering Applications in Biotechnology
ChE 422Molecular Biotechnology
ChE 425Technology of Food Preservation
ChE 427Bioreaction Engineering
ChE 463Bioprocess Design
ChE 520Downstream Processing in Biochemical Engineering
ChE 529 Metabolic Engineering
CHEM 415General Biochemistry

Option-2: Catalyst Technology and Reaction Engineering

ChE 427Bioreaction Engineering
ChE 440 Heterogenous Catalysis
ChE 441Hydrogen Technologies
ChE 442 Design of Solid Catalysts
ChE 443Sustainable Energy Technologies
ChE 444 Fuel Cells and Catalysis
ChE 541 Microreaction Engineering
ChE 542 Analysis of Sustainable Technologies
ChE 543 Catalysis for Green Technologies
ChE 586 Spec. Top. in ChE: Recent Advances in Catalytic Production Processes of Synthetic Fuels

Option-3: Polymer/Biopolymer Science and Engineering

ChE 310Introduction to Macromolecular Systems
ChE 411 Protein Interactions: From Molecules to Networks
ChE 412 Structure, Function and Simulation of Biopolymers
ChE 413 Design and Simulation of Macromolecular Systems
ChE 414 Physical Properties of Polymeric Systems
ChE 510 Molecular Thermodynamics in Polymeric and Biolgical Systems
ChE 511 Polymer Processing Principles and Modeling
ChE 512 Hierarchical Modeling of Macromolecular Systems
ChE 516 Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
ChE 538 Polymer Applications
Chem 435 Introduction to Polymer Science and Technology
Chem 487 Polymer Laboratory Experiments
Chem 531 Mechanical Properties of Polymers
CmpE 544 Pattern Recognition

Option-4: Process Engineering

ChE 417Microfluidics and Its Applications
ChE 426 Food Engineering
ChE 430 Separation Processes
ChE 441 Hydrogen Technologies
ChE 443Sustainable Energy Technologies
ChE 450 Energy Technologies
ChE 460Total Quality Engineering in Chemical Industries
ChE 463 Bioprocess Design
ChE 465 Operational and Enviromental Safety of Chemical Plants
ChE 476 Computer Aided Design and Synthesis
ChE 477Process Optimization
ChE 478 Cost and Risk Engineering
ChE 479Process Identification and Monitoring
ChE 480 Spec. Top. Thermal Engineering
ChE 484 Spec. Top. in ChE:Spectral Methods with Applications to Transport Processes
ChE 550Statistical Methods in Chemical Processes
ChE 555Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Egineers
ChE 566 Process Engineering Strategy
ChE 577 Design and Operation under Uncertainty and Risk
ChE 578Dynamic Optimization of Chemical Processes
Chem 498 Spec. Top. Quality Assurance Chemistry